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 20 May 2016


Dental Implants Costs And They Might Surprise You

Dental Implants Costs and They Might Surprise You

With many thinking that the costs of having dental implants in the UK are too expensive for them to contemplate, going abroad is often something that they consider. So her are some pointers as to how much dental implants cost and a comparison between treatment here and abroad. 

What makes up the cost of  a dental implant?

Dental implants costs include the following:

1.    The dental surgeon’s time in diagnosing, analysing and doing the preparatory work before the implant surgery. 

2.    Education and training in dental implant techniques for the dental support team

3.    The precision engineered dental implant 

4.    The Crown for the top f the implant that will be manufactured my an experienced and skilled dental technician.

5.    Follow up care by your dentist that will ensure that the implant is a success and heals properly

6.    The continued care from the dentist to ensure that the new implant will last you a life time. 

Each dental implant is custom made and would not fit anyone else. The implant, like a natural tooth will be in your mouth all the time so to make sure that it works well and allows you to eat and if you grind your teeth at night it will have to cope with that as well.  It is, therefore ensuring that you have a really good implant.

How much will a dental implant cost me?

Dental implants cost will depend on how many implants you have and the complexity of the case.  In general though an average of £2600.


Having dental implants abroad

If you go for treatment abroad you will have to be prepared that you may not get the information or the reassurance that you would get from a dentist at home.

If you do decide to go abroad for implants you should ask these questions:

1.    Who is going to treating me and what are their qualifications?

In the UK you can see from a register what qualifications a periodontist has, abroad it might not be so easy to find this out. 

2.    Have you got any testimonials or references from patients?

This is something you should always ask for, especially if you are having something as complex as a dental implant.

3.    Do you have professional body regulation and is registration mandatory? 

In the UK every dentist has to register with the GDC and with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and will be held fully accountable. Overseas things might be different and the actual facts may be more difficult to establish. 

4.    What if I am not happy with the results? Who will pays for extra flights, hotels and for any remedial work?

This is not really a process that can be rushed.  If you need to have several appointments you need to think about how that will be managed as well as what you will do if something is not right when you are back at home.

5.    Is there a complaints system in place? Can you show me a copy of it?

As part of compliance with the compulsory CQC registration there is, in this country, a robust procedure for complaints. This might not be the case abroad, so you need to be very sure of what you will be able to do if you do have a complaint. 

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