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 08 Jan 2016


Explaining Your Dental Implant Options To Replace Lost Teeth

Dental implants can restore full form and function back to missing teeth. A full set of healthy teeth is important to not only for your dental health, but also your confidence and mental health too. If you have one or more missing teeth, you may be considering dental implants. Before you go ahead with your treatment, it’s important you understand your options so you can make the right decision for you.


What are Dental Implants?


A dental implant is a titanium screw placed in the jawbone. It fuses with the bone to become a permanent fixture in the mouth, acting as a replacement tooth root. The implants then provide support for the replacement teeth. The replacement teeth themselves can either be removable or permanently bonded to the implants.


Fixed or Removable: What’s the Difference?


Fixed replacement teeth are usually made out of standard ceramic or zirconia (zirconia is stronger and longer lasting than ceramic). They are fixed firmly in place with dental cement. Once fitted, they will look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.


Removable replacement teeth usually come in the form of implant supported dentures. These dentures are a popular alternative to traditional dentures, which are held in place by adhesives and often can become loose. The benefits of implant supported dentures include:


  • Greater chewing-ability to enjoy a varied diet
  • Avoids using messy denture adhesives, pastes, or powders
  • Preserves jawbone and protects facial structure
  • Restores youthfulness and natural smile
  • Secure and comfortable alternative to loose or ill-fitting dentures


Your Dental Implants London dentist can further talk you through your options and help decide which treatment is right for you.


What about All On 4 Implants?


All on 4 dental implants in the UK are a modern way of restoring a full arch of upper or lower teeth with just four implants. The benefits include:


  • Teeth in one day -- just one procedure can give you a set of healthy teeth
  • Eating right away -- your newly strong and stable teeth allow you to chew food easily
  • Comfortable -- they feel normal and naturally follow the curve of the jaw
  • Fast -- the procedure is minimal and fits in well with busy schedules
  • Low maintenance -- simply brush and floss your teeth as usual to keep them healthy


Interested in All on 4 dental implants? Caring for your dental implants by dentist who were suitable for you.


How Much do All on 4 Dental Implants Cost?


The cost of All on 4 dental implants in the UK depends on the individual patient. Generally, prices fall between £16000 and £20000 per jaw. Your Dental Implants London dentist will discuss the cost of your All on 4 dental implants in the UK at your initial consultation.


Similarly, it’s difficult to estimate the exact implant supported dentures cost. A range of varying factors, including, your geographical location, can influence the implant supported dentures cost. To receive a detailed estimate, contact best dental implant clinic in london.


Are you considering dental implants? Find your nearest dentist with Dental Implants London and book an appointment today!

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