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Case 3.

Delayed replacement of a lower right 2nd premolar tooth, otherwise symptomless.
OPG Shows - LR5, sub- optimal RCF with mental foramen very close to root apex, UL7 retained Roots, - LL6 crown distal radiolucency. Delayed approach indicated to avoid increased risk of nerve damage due to proximity of mental foramen. OPG Shows - LR5, sub- optimal RCF
Long cone periapical radiograph taken immediately after placement of Implant LR5. Confirming correct angulation and positioning of implant. Long cone periapical radiograph
Long cone periapical radiograph. Shows LR5- Implant and restoration in-situ with no obvious bony or marginal defects. Abutment connected in accordance with restorative protocol. Long cone periapical radiograph
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