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Dental Implants Choice of Materials


Comfortable, natural, and secure – dental implants are a great alternative to traditional removable dentures. If you need to replace one or more missing, damaged, or failing teeth, implants can give you the lifelong healthy smile you deserve.


To provide the best results, dental implants are commonly made from one of the following three materials:


Implants made from titanium are most often used in dental implant surgery. Titanium has impressive strength and a great durability to weight ratio. It bonds easily with bone and is biocompatible: it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction or toxicity, and the body won’t reject it.


As a cheaper alternative to pure titanium, titanium-nickel alloy implants are also a popular choice. This material doesn’t bond as easily with the bone as pure titanium, but it has immense formability and shape memory.


This is a new material that’s becoming increasingly popular due to its aesthetic benefits, biocompatibility and mechanical structure. Unlike silver-black titanium implants which can sometimes show through the gum, zirconium implants are pure white. They look natural, blend in perfectly with real teeth, and are just as successful as titanium implants.


Whether you’re opting for titanium or zirconium implants, your dentist can let you know more about their benefits and which material may be best for you. Book your appointment with Dental Implants London Clinic today. At your appointment, one of our friendly and experienced dentists will examine your teeth and talk to you about various implant procedures and materials. They will then determine the right course of treatment to restore your smile, and give details of the cost.