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Dentures are one of the most popular and oldest options for replacing missing teeth. They are also known as removable prostheses or false teeth. Dental implants are gradually replacing the use of dentures, but most people still prefer dentures. Some others are not able to have dental bridges, so they are left with the option of getting dentures.

What type of dentures should I get?

Different types of dentures are available in modern dentistry, but for ease of identification, they have been classified into the following categories.

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rating star iconI was searching for a dentist to do implants treatment. visited Dental Implant London and when I visited the clinic, I found they are so caring and supportive. The dentist explained me the entire process and suggested to stay calm during the treatment. Many thanks!

rating star iconI have had gum disease and as a result have lost quite a few of my teeth. I was coping okay with my upper teeth plate but when I lost my bottom teeth I decided to have implants because bottom dentures were much more difficult to manage. I’m now considering having the upper set replaced with dental implants as well.

All plastic (full acrylic) dentures

Acrylic is one of the most common types of materials used to make dentures. They have been tested and proven to be of high quality, so they are mostly used. Acrylic dentures are suitable for use as full dentures and replacing missing teeth.


  • It is easy to repair
  • It is affordable
  • Its weight is relatively light


  • It is strong due to its thickness, and this makes it bulky
  • It can only be supported by the gum
  • It easily breaks when dropped on hard surfaces.

Combination of metal and plastic dentures

Metal and plastic dentures are very comfortable and easily tolerated by most people. They are strong because of the metal skeleton made from cobalt and chrome with the plastic teeth and gum on the metal substructure.

Metal and plastic dentures can be used to make full dentures, but they are mostly used for making partial dentures when some teeth are still in the jaw. The plastic used to make this type of denture is usually acrylic with metal clasps. Nylon can also be used, and these type of dentures are more flexible than those made with acrylic, so they are usually called Flexi Dentures. There are no metal clasps on Flexi Dentures, and they are mostly used for their aesthetic feature, so they are sometimes called aesthetic dentures.

Dentures with metal substructure and Flexi plastic are more suitable for partial dentures as they tend to be more comfortable and aesthetic.


  • They are easier to tolerate
  • They have better retention and stability
  • They have better function and are aesthetic
  • They support both tooth and gum
  • The ones made of acrylic can be repaired


  • They can only be used when there are teeth in the mouth
  • They are more expensive
  • If the shape of the teeth changes, the metal skeleton would no longer fit
  • Part of the metal is visible

Flexi dentures or aesthetic dentures

Flexible acrylic is used to make this type of denture, and they are suitable for replacing a few missing teeth, especially in the front of the mouth where people can easily see when you smile. They are very flexible, comfortable, and have clasps. The clasps are made with plastic-like materials for better retention.


  • They are made of flexible material
  • They do have metal clasps, so they have better retention
  • These dentures are the most aesthetic among others
  • They are light
  • They are easier to tolerate

Recent Reviews

rating star iconI have struggled with various problems with my teeth over many years, and eventually was advised to have most of them removed. I was devastated about this but decided that I should see Dental Implants London for their advice on possible implants. They investigated my bone density before telling me that I would be suitable candidate. It is such a relief to know that I will soon have functioning teeth again. Thank you.

rating star iconI have been looking at the cost of all on 4 dental implants and found that Dental Implants London was offering treatment at a very competitive cost. I will be starting my treatment next month.


  • They are not good for replacing many teeth unlike the dentures that have a metal substructure
  • They are more expensive than acrylic dentures
  • The plastic is easily stained compared to acrylic

What is the cost of having dentures or false teeth?

The cost of having dentures depends on the type of denture, the material used in making the denture, and your dentist, but most dentists have a price range for fitting dentures.

The general cost estimates for partial acrylic dentures are £645 and £1025. Full acrylic dentures cost between £1150 and £3200. Metal and plastic dentures cost between £1350 and £2850. The flexible dentures are any between £2200 and £3450.

We always have monthly offers on dentures, please call the clinic and ask from our friendly receptionist.

Can everyone tolerate dentures?

Nobody can easily stand having a foreign object in their mouth. Statistics show that there is a 50% chance that someone who has never had a denture would not tolerate it. However, the tolerance rate of people differs and vary for removable or fixed devices such as crowns, bridges, and implants.

With an experienced dentist, fitting your dentures would be less uncomfortable. Call Dental Implants London clinic Today on 0203 7457526 to get the services of an experienced dentist for your denture.

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