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Single Tooth Implant Single Tooth Implant
Single Tooth Implant

What is a Single Tooth Implant?

A single tooth implant is a simple way of restoring a single tooth, or several missing teeth.

When are they used?

These implants are generally used to replace:

  • Missing teeth
  • Loose or wobbly teeth
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • A failed crown
  • A failed root filling

Recent Reviews

rating star iconI was searching for a dentist to do implants treatment. visited Dental Implant London and when I visited the clinic, I found they are so caring and supportive. The dentist explained me the entire process and suggested to stay calm during the treatment. Many thanks!

rating star iconI have had gum disease and as a result have lost quite a few of my teeth. I was coping okay with my upper teeth plate but when I lost my bottom teeth I decided to have implants because bottom dentures were much more difficult to manage. I’m now considering having the upper set replaced with dental implants as well.

If you’re about to lose a tooth, or have recently lost teeth (through injury or decay, for example), you may benefit from immediate dental implants. Visit our Clinic for an initial consultation.

How does single tooth implant work?

A fully restored tooth is made up of several parts:

  • The implant – a titanium screw placed in the jawbone, which gradually integrates with the bone to function as a new tooth root.
  • The abutment – is made of titanium, porcelain, or gold in the shape of a small worn down tooth. This part screws on to the implant and acts as a base for the crown.
  • The crown – is the replacement tooth, usually made of porcelain or metal. It’s bonded or screwed onto the abutment.

What does the treatment involve?

Our dentist will determine your course of treatment at your initial consultation. There must be enough bone in your jaw to provide support for the implant. If you have thin or soft bone, you may first need a bone graft to strengthen your jawbone.

Once the implant is ready to be placed, your dentist will dry a tiny hole in your jaw. The implant is fitted and covered with gum tissue and a protective cover screw. After your mouth has healed (usually around six months later), your dentist will uncover the implant and fix the abutment on top. A temporary crown will then be fitted, allowing the gum to shape itself around the tooth naturally. When ready, your permanent crown will be placed.

Recent Reviews

rating star iconI have struggled with various problems with my teeth over many years, and eventually was advised to have most of them removed. I was devastated about this but decided that I should see Dental Implants London for their advice on possible implants. They investigated my bone density before telling me that I would be suitable candidate. It is such a relief to know that I will soon have functioning teeth again. Thank you.

rating star iconI have been looking at the cost of all on 4 dental implants and found that Dental Implants London was offering treatment at a very competitive cost. I will be starting my treatment next month.

Single Tooth Implant Aftercare

To care for your implant, you must brush and floss your teeth regularly. It’s also important to attend dentist and hygienist appointments for maintenance of the implant, as well as to protect your dental health.

Are you considering a single tooth implant? Book an initial consultation at our dental implants clinic in London today!

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