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16 Facts You Don’t Know about Dental Implants

16 Facts You Don’t Know about Dental Implants
19 Dec 2023

Our teeth play a vital role in our life in every aspect. So, when we find issues in our oral health, we start losing confidence. To get a new life and new teeth, you may Google the term, “dental implants near me”. This way, you may get information and ideas about dental clinics and the implant process when your oral health is suffering. 

Due to various teeth problems such as cavity, bacteria, chipped/broken teeth, infection, etc. you may need dental implants. Get a stable foundation with dental implants, dental bridges, crowns, and dentures. These are the perfect root replacement procedures. But, there are facts that you may not know about dental implants. Let’s check the factors!  

  1. What do Dental Implants taste of?

Dental implants are made of non corrosive substances, so it does not leave a metallic taste in your mouth. The prosthetic teeth or bridges fix the implants are malodorous are tasteless. You can enjoy the taste and flavour of the foods without lingering the taste of the infection that is left behind with unhealthy teeth. Most patients have good experience with dental implants. They can enjoy every variety of flavours after dental implants.

  1. Travel with Metal Detector for Dental Implants

Dental implants are not magnetic, so it is hard to detect while travelling. A metal detector cannot catch dental implants if you are carrying it. You can safely travel during the security checks at the airport. There won’t be any sound of alarm which can be the reason for trouble.

  1. You won’t Feel Zygomatic Implants in Your Cheeks

The area of the cheekbone doesn't have nerve receptors which support zygomatic implants when they are not in the place. You won’t be affected adversely by dental implants. Now, you have to choose a reputed dentist who is qualified. A maxillofacial surgeon places the zygomatic implants in a tricky way to avoid pain.

You will not feel the dental implants with your fingers because they are natural. This implantation is not complicated for the patients. The protrusion doesn't change the shape of the face texture with this implantation. Now, you need to find a proper dental clinic by typing the line, “dental implants near me”.

  1. Full Mouth Dental Implants won’t Allow You Floss

The difficulties of flossing depend on the set up of your teeth. Dental Implants in London uses good laboratoriea where each implant crown which is separate is sleek with solid texture. Bridges cannot be flossed between. The patients use inter dental brushes, super floss and water floss to wash the leftover between the gums and bridges of your teeth.

  1. Dental Implant Never Affects Vision

Zygomatic or cheekbone is near the sensitive nerve of your eyes. But, the implantation will never affect the vision area.

You should find the right dentist who will help you avoid unnecessary complications related to zygomatic implants. An authenticated treatment can help in maintaining proper condition of your oral health.

  1. You can Scuba Dive with Dental Implants

The dental implants are light-weight solid metal. They are resistant tochanges of pressure with depth.

  1. Shape of Your Face Changes with Dental Implants

You can improve the bite alignment with full mouth implantation. The radical transformation can be noticed easily. You can improve the contours and volume of your face due to bone loss. People enjoy this type of facial change.

  1. Professional Athlete and Sportsman can Enjoy Dental Implants

An integrated dental implant is a safe option for the sportsman and athletes. Your sports activities can be the direct cause of failure of dental implants sometimes if accidents are caused. So, it is important to wear well fitted sports mouthguards. Talk to a reputed dentist if you want dentures but you are a sportsman.

  1. Less Chance of Developing Sinus or Sinusitis Infections

Many patients are concerned about implants because they are scared of a risk. They have a wrong belief that they will be affected with sinusitis. Don’t worry, well placed dental implants won’t cause infections of the sinus.  

  1. Healthy Implants won’t be a Problem while Riding Roller Coaster

When you are riding a roller coaster, dental implants will fuse and heal with the bones along with the process of osseointegration. If you are getting implants in a healthy way from a doctor, you may not face any issues regarding oral health. Use Google and type “dental implants near me” to get the right dental clinic near you. 

  1. Implants Stabilise Your Jawbone

Jawbone is a sensitive part of your body. Your teeth are related very closely to the jawbone. Your implants should work to stabilize and improve your jaw position.

  1. No Need to Give Up Your Favourite Foods

It is very sad to give up your favourite foods. If you are thinking that you have to stop eating hard foods while choosing implants, then you are wrong. You can easily bite, chew, and swallow foods naturally with the help of dentures. Let’s start enjoying the foods whenever needed.

  1. You won’t Get Cavities with Implants

Dental implants look like natural teeth but they are not natural. Cavities will not affect the implants. You can get a problem with gum diseases with implants if they are not taken care of properly. You need to take special care of your oral health by brushing and flossing as advised.

  1. Dental Implants Used to be Seashells

There is an interesting history about dental implantation. In 600 AD, Mayans used seashells for restoration of teeth. Today, those seashells are used in a refined form as dental implantation.

The placement of implants helps to retain the bone so it should help keep your jaw shape. The implants stimulate the bones in your jaw  and prevent bone loss around them.

  1. Dental Implants are Long-Lasting

You don’t need to worry about the durability of the Implant crowns and bridges. The average lifespan of dental implants is 20 years if you maintain them properly.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking, “how to get dental implants near me”, then check the reviews and customer experience of Dental Implants London on our website. We are there to help you with dentures and other dental treatments.

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