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3 Options for Replacing the Lost Teeth

3 Options for Replacing the Lost Teeth
19 Dec 2023

People can lose their teeth for different reasons. Tooth decay and gum disease are two common causes. Tooth decay occurs when food particles allow bacteria to produce acid. This can cause damage to the enamel and lead to the formation of cavities.

Gum disease will develop when an excess amount of plaque accumulates on the gum line that makes gum tissue become swollen and red. If not treated it may lead to bone loss. Both these conditions can cause tooth loss, when left untreated.

Suitable options when you lose a tooth

These treatments are the most commonly considered when tooth loss has occurred.

  1. Fixed bridges – A bridge is a fixed device that generally connects a prosthetic tooth to surrounding teeth. Your dentist will help you choose between the different kinds of fixed dental bridges such as – cantilever, traditional and Maryland. A cantilever is quite similar to a traditional bridge expect that it connects to an abutment tooth on one side only. A traditional bridge helps to join natural teeth in the mouth known as abutment teeth with one or more fake teeth which are called pontic teeth. Among the dental bridges, traditional bridges are the most common and made of porcelain or ceramic fused to metal or ziconia. A Maryland bridge or a resin-bonded bridge fuses a pontic tooth to metal bands that are attached to the back of an abutment tooth. This method is generally suggested for missing front teeth. Well prepared Maryland bridges have a mildly failure rates in comparison to the traditional bridges. Having a bridge fitted will usually require at least two appointments. During the first appointment, your dentist will prepare the teeth. For a cantilever and traditional bridges, you might need temporary crowns. Impressions of the teeth will be taken before the actual bridge is fitted at another visit.
  2. Dental implants – Dental implants are titanium fixtures, placed surgically into the jawbone just below the gums. After they have been integrated into the jawbone and positioned properly, your dentist will mount abutment to the fixture and then the replacement crown to the abutment.

You will be assessed for your suitability for dental implants by one of our dentists. Dental implants may seem to be expensive when compared to other options for teeth replacement but in the long term are a good option.  

  1. Partial dentures – Partial dentures may be the right choice for replacing some of your teeth. They are fake teeth on a gum-colored base that is attached to a metal frame. The frame should be inserted between your natural teeth and crowns might be placed on the adjacent teeth in some cases to provide anchors for the dentures.

    The surface of partial dentures might be somewhat different than natural teeth and so, eating and speaking with them might be an adjustment to begin with. As you get older and your mouth changes, your dentures may have to be remade so that they may function properly.

If you are looking for a solution for your lost teeth, visit www.dental-implants-london.co.uk to book your appointment with the dentist and find the right option for your teeth replacement. You will enjoy a boost to your confidence and regain an attractive smile.

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