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A Brief History Of Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth

A Brief History Of Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth
19 Dec 2023

Full dental implants are a trusted method of replacing missing teeth, boasting a high success rate and high levels of patient satisfaction. The unrivaled benefits of dental implants include:

  • Smile and confidence restored
  • Clear speech
  • Full chewing capacity to enjoy a varied diet
  • Remaining healthy teeth are protected
  • Bone loss is prevented
  • No need for uncomfortable or ill-fitting traditional dentures

Yet, full dental implants haven’t always been as affordable and widely available as they are now. In fact,  it was not long ago that the most popular replacement teeth option was simply false teeth. Which although they can be a reasonable option were not optimal for chewing and cosmetics.

The Solution? Implant Retained Dentures

Developed as a better way of replacing missing teeth, implant retained dentures became the next popular treatment. Implants were placed along certain points in the jaw and then used to support a removable denture. As a result, patients could enjoy having a full set of strong and stable teeth without worrying about ill-fitting or loose traditional dentures.

However, just like traditional dentures, implant retained ones still required the hassle of being taken out at night and cleaned.

Enter Full Arch Implants

For people with a full set of poor teeth. Beautiful smiles could be created from a full arch of replacement porcelain crowns and bridges. These teeth require bout eight to twelve implants to support them, and technicians have to dedicate time to craft a full set of teeth. 

The newest development in dental implant dentistry, full arch implants work to replace a full arch of top or bottom (or both) teeth. Patients can therefore benefit from having a full arch of permanent replacement teeth using only just four  to 6 implants per arch. It’s safe to say that full arch dental implants make for less surgery with respect to treatment.

Restore your smile with Dental Implants London

With the latest dental technology and treatments always evolving, a promising future is bound to lie ahead for full dental implants. And at our Dental Implants Clinic in London, it’s easy for you to benefit from the latest dental treatments, designed to enhance your smile. Simply search for your nearest certified dentists, choose the right one for you, and book an appointment at your convenience.

Are you considering full dental implants? Use Dental Implants London clinic to find your nearest skilled and experienced dentist and book an appointment today!

Price starts from £11000 per arch. (Not including Scans, guides, and bone grafting work).

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