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The Digital Planning Strategies Used For Dental Implants

The Digital Planning Strategies Used For Dental Implants
19 Dec 2023

Recent advancements in digital planning strategies in dental implants have revolutionised the field. Dental Implants London dentists are now able to efficiently devise and plan patient treatments with the help of improved 3D imaging, including the use of digital dental implants.

In particular, patients can now benefit from a more accurate diagnosis, as well as a safer and more precisely planned treatment with predictable outcomes. There’s even the option for some patients to have specific milled bone grafts to increase their suitability for dental implants.

All in all, these technological advancements (specifically, the use of digital dental implants) have made dental implant surgery a more widely available, affordable, and simple treatment than ever before.

So, what are the current digital planning strategies in dental implants?

  1. Digital photos

At the initial consultation, digital photos of the patient’s mouth are taken. These photos provide the dentist with vital detailed information on the patient’s current health condition, as well as the treatment necessary to restore full dental health and hygiene.

  1. Digital X-rays

The digital X-rays assess the amount jawbone available to help support the implants, determining the patient’s overall suitability for the treatment. These X-rays are also used to highlight potential oral disease and decay, as well as the health condition of the remaining teeth.

  1. Cone Beam CT scans (CBCT)

A CBCT scan generates a 3D image of the jawbone to help the dentist ascertain where to place the dental implants safely. Digital dental implants are then placed onto the 3D image. They are adjusted until they reach exactly the right position in the jawbone to safely support the dental restorations.

  1. Digital Scanning

Once the implant surgical site has healed and the patient is ready for the crown this can be performed as a completely digital process. Where a digital scan is taken and sent to a laboratory to produce and deliver a crown to fit to the implant.

  1. CAD CAM Design

Finally, the CAD CAM design is used to facilitate the creation of the patient’s replacement teeth. In the last stage of treatment, these replacement teeth will be attached to and supported by the implants.

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With the latest digital planning strategies in dental implants always evolving, patients can enjoy smoother and more effective treatments. And with our implant dentists, it’s easy for you to benefit from the latest innovative dental treatments, designed to enhance your smile. Simply search for your nearest certified dentists, choose the right one for you, and book an appointment at your convenience.

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