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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges

Every missing tooth can now be replaced with dental bridges. At DIL Dental, we can use modern materials and techniques to provide the least minimally invasive kind of dental bridges for you.

Dental bridge procedure has been one of the oldest methods of replacing missing teeth. Over the years, there have been significant improvements in the techniques and materials used in producing bridges. Also, there are many types of dental bridges produced. Below are the three categories where the most typical types of dental bridges belong:

A fixed-fixed conventional dental bridge

This method depends on the abutment teeth to fill the gap of the missing tooth. These abutment teeth are located on each side of the missing tooth.  For this method, the dentist uses either full crowns or partial crowns to cover the abutment teeth so that they are fused until the spaces are covered. This conventional dental bridge can be used to cover more than one missing teeth. This is a permanent procedure as the dental bridge is solidly cemented to the abutments in such a way that they may not fall off. This is why it is called the fixed-fixed bridge.

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This bridge is believed to be permanent. However, it can last for at least 7 to 10 years. This duration is longer than some of its alternatives. Compared to other types of bridges, they are less likely to fall off when you are talking or laughing.


The method is dependent on the abutment teeth, and these teeth can be damaged in a case where one of them debonds. Also, owners of these bridges need to be highly skilled at maintaining good oral hygiene.

Fixed-movable dental bridges

This method is designed just like the fixed-fixed bridges. The difference is that the fixed-movable bridge uses the dovetail mechanism, which has the male and female device. This male and female device is usually attached to the dental bridge so that it can allow the abutment teeth to be flexible and move. 

It can also be more preservative of the tooth structure.


Compared to the fixed-fixed method, the fixed movable bridges are less likely to cause de-bonding of the abutment teeth. They also have a better chance of lasting longer because it allows the abutment teeth to move easily instead of being locked up as with the fixed-fixed bridge.


This type of dental bridge is expensive to acquire.

Fixed-cantilever dental bridge

This type of dental bridge uses only one of the teeth beside the gap as the abutment tooth for the bridge. One false tooth is usually placed on the gap, and a crown will be attached to the abutment tooth. This false tooth will be fused to the crown on the abutment tooth to increase the length of the bridge to two units. The abutment tooth is usually more significant to support the smaller false tooth in front of it. So, this bridge is fixed on one side with the false tooth cantilevered off it.

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This method does not require so much drilling of the teeth; hence it need less tooth removal compared to the other options. It is very important to maintain good oral hygiene with this type of bridge. About the cost, the fixed-cantilever dental bridge is pocket friendly.


Some part of the abutment tooth will still be drilled though minimally. Also, it may not be right to use the fixed-cantilever dental bridge to be used as a replacement in places where the strong fixed-fixed bridge is required. It is best on very specific areas which needs to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Adhesive dental bridge

This type of dental bridge is a product of substantial advancement in the types of dental cement. This bridge is also known as Maryland dental bridge because it was first designed in Maryland, USA. This bridge uses a false tooth in place of the missing tooth, but this false tooth receives support from the abutment tooth with the help of a wing that is cemented to the abutment tooth.


There is usually no need for the drilling of the abutment tooth, and where drilling is necessary, it is very minimal. This type of dental bridge is cost-effective.


There is a higher chance for de-bonding as the wing, and the false tooth only depends on the strength of the cement. Yet a skilled dentist can make these bridges last a reasonable number of years.

Alternatives to the dental bridge

Aside from dental bridges, missing teeth can be replaced with either fixed or removable prosthetics like false teeth, dentures, or implants.

Cost of dental bridges

The cost of dental bridges is high. This is because it takes a very skilful procedure to prepare the teeth for a dental bridge. Also, only very skilled and highly experienced dental technicians can make the dental bridges. The cost is also dependent on the type of material used in preparing the dental bridge. This case is similar to that of the dental crown.

At our dental implants clinic, the fees of our dental bridges are from 650 to 950 for each unit of the bridge. Do not forget that we offer our patients assistance to meet up with the cost of dentistry by offering them finance. You can also pay in instalments if one-time payment is not possible. We have a suitable payment plan for you.

We are professionals, and our dentist are highly skilled and experienced. You can contact us for your durable dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and other dental needs. Book an appointment by calling our dental helpline on 0203 7457526 today.

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