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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

A dental crown offers excellent protection for the structure of your tooth. DIL Dental offers you prosthetic crowns for more beautiful smile plus other functional dental crowns. Walk into our dental practice at your convenience so that we can get started.

Many people know dental crowns to be called caps or cuspal coverage. They are designed to cover a damaged tooth and take its place in terms of beauty and function. It works well for a tooth that has large fillings, those whose roots have been worked upon, and even fractured tooth. The crown is usually applied on them to make them last longer and less prone to wear and tear.

Why do you need a dental crown?

You may see your dentist recommend a dental crown for you if the structure of your teeth is weak or compromised. This means that the amount of tissue left to support the teeth through other forms of restoration like filling is too small. When the dentist covers the dental crown on the tooth, it shields the tooth entirely. It offers a sure way to shield the teeth from creaking or suffering a fracture.

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When do you need dental crowns?

Many situations require a tooth to be covered with dental crowns. Your dentist may recommend you cover your tooth for reasons including:

  1. The presence of large filling in a tooth. This means that the amount of filling is more significant than the remainder of the tooth
  2. The teeth are either broken or chipped with some parts missing
  3. A cracked or fractured tooth
  4. A tooth that has already received the root canal treatment
  5. Discoloured tooth. It is a great way to improve the aesthetic part of the tooth, thereby leading to a big smile. However, it is mostly recommended if your dentist sees you cannot use veneers.

Are there any alternatives to dental crowns?

The main idea behind the production of dental crowns is to help protect the structure of your tooth since the dental crown was made to cover the entire tooth. If you need an alternative, you will not be able to cover the entire tooth. These alternative crowns are called the ¾ or only crowns. These alternatives were invented to help people escape from the severe drilling that occurs when the tooth is about to be restored.

What are the types of dental crowns?

Over the decades, many types of dental crowns have been produced. Mostly, they are grouped under the type of material used in producing the crown. The commonest dental crowns you will see are grouped into:

  1. Metallic dental crowns which are produced from both non-precious and precious metals
  2. Ceramic crowns which are used in the front teeth and other aesthetic parts of the mouth They are produced from many materials including zirconium, porcelain, lava, etc..
  3. A combination of both the ceramic and metal core for more beauty

Recent Reviews

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Out of all these groups, gold still stands as the oldest and most appreciated material for dental crowns. However, modern dentistry does not use it in the aesthetic part of the mouth because of its colour, except the patient particularly demands to have it there. Despite this, they are still used as the best material for dental crowns used at the back teeth. Though this crown is excellent, it has a downside in terms of the expenses. The gold material used for producing it is expensive, and it may be hard for people to afford easily.

How much does a dental crown cost?

The cost for the dental crown you will be using depends on the type and purpose for which it is used. However, the costs of a dental crown are based on the following criteria:

  1. The type of material used in producing it
  2. The experience and skill of the dentist
  3. The skill and experience of the technician producing the crowns and the quality of lab used for the production
  4. Whether or not the crown is produced to give a beautiful smile

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