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I've had missing teeth for a really long time and hated the feeling of dentures. I found Dental Implants London and decided to book an appointment, since they offered some money off on my treatment cover expenses as I traveling from Luton. I was recommended Dental Bridges, which I went ahead with. I only wish I had done it sooner, definitely worth the journey!

Alan Marston

Looked at a few places to get implants and even went for a few consultations but I felt much more comfortable here. They offered many alternatives to implants, like dentures but assured me on the quality of the implants and that they'd last for 20+ years! Really happy with the results, it's like I never had any missing teeth in the first place.

Jules Barr

I needed a dental implant for one of my front teeth that I'd been wearing a denture for. It was really bothering me so I decided to book a free consultation to see if this was a better option. I was expecting a quick consultation since it was free but to my surprise they were very thorough. In the end I decided go ahead with them and also get it financed. Honestly can't praise them enough, I've had them for 4 months now and I couldn't be happier.

Jamie Smyth

I'd been looking at implants locally but none of the practices really felt right. Decided to get in touch with the specialist at Dental Implants London, who surprisingly had me speak to the dentist over the phone before I even made the journey. Very informative and I felt I knew a lot more about my case. Needless to say I booked in and went ahead with them. Thank you!

Brian Gordon

After looking at alternatives to implants, since I couldn't really justify the price. Dental Implants London actually sorted me out with some really comfortable dentures instead. I always expected dentures to be quite a bother but I'm pleasantly surprised. Great service.

Sandra Heath

A friend recommended I go for a consultation to see if I could get implants because I'd had missing teeth for a very long time. They gave me a lot of information and alternatives, which was surprising. I decided in the end to go for a Dental Bridge and I'm so happy I used Dental Implants London.

Danya Yenin

I've had implants before but decided to go ahead with Dental Implants London after a very informative consultation. Very professional, great results!

Daniel Aitken

I was set on seeing a specialist so I was happy to hear they Offered cash back on travel expenses. I booked a few days off work and came to London for the procedure. They were very accommodating and made time to see me and do the procedure in the short time I had. I've already recommended them to family and friends.

Jaz Singh

I had 4 dental implants placed after an accident and I'm very surprised at how amazing they feel, and by that I mean I don't feel the difference at all!

Mark Hodgson

The care and attention before and after I had implants were second to none! Definitely worth the price.

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