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Mouth Cancer Screen Mouth Cancer Screen
Mouth Cancer Screen

Mouth cancer screen

The number of new mouth cancer cases is rapidly increasing so, now more than ever, there is a great need to carry out regular mouth cancer screen.

An experienced dentist can detect signs and symptoms of mouth cancer at an early stage during a mouth cancer screen. Mouth cancer causes tumours to grow on the lips, tongue or in the mouth. The precise cause of mouth cancer remains unknown, but smoking and heavy drinking are known as risk factors.

The signs and symptoms of mouth cancer vary between persons but, they generally include lumps in the mouth, red or white patches, sores that do not heal and numbness in some parts of the mouth. If you notice any unusual symptom in your mouth, let your dentist know immediately.

At DIL Dental, we carry out mouth cancer screening, routine dental check-ups, and examinations so ensure that you visit us regularly for your dentist and hygienist appointment.

Your oral health is important so contact us now on 0203 7457526 to book for your mouth cancer screening.

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