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Six Month Smile
Six Month Smile

Six Month Smile

There are many great benefits associated with Six Month Smile, no wonder the people in Liverpool make it their preference. Many patients are still asking about the benefits and dangers of using this system; this prompted us to write this article.

DIL Dental has no commercial affiliation with any brace producing company, so, our opinions are not influenced by a drive for personal gain. With this, you can trust our advice as they are solelydriven by an interest to make out patients better.

Our level of experience should cause you to trust us. We have worked with many patients and have treated them with braces of different types and sizes. We know what works. Follow our guide to decide whether or not you can use the Six Month Smile.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is the Six Month Smile?
  2. What does ShortTerm Orthodontics (STO) mean?
  3. What the manufacturers claim
  4. The six months average duration for treatment
  5. The invisibility: Lucid-Lok brackets are clear, and the wires are tooth-coloured
  6. The results from these braces have been conservative and predictable
  7. With the patient tray kits, the appointments are faster and more comfortable
  8. Gentle force and better hygiene, the entire duration of the treatment is comfortable and safe
  9. They are not as expensive as the align therapy, traditional braces, or veneers
  10. The cost of Six Month Smile compared to other braces
  11. Here is what our professionals say about Six Month Smile
  12. Who is eligible for Six Month Smile and short term orthodontics?
  13. Can Six Month Smile work for me?

What is the Six Month Smile?

Six Month Smile® is a set of braces that are used to treat simple misalignment. They have clear brackets and are suitable for use by orthodontists and general dentists. This method of treatment is only used to align the six front teeth.

Complex cases cannot be treated with these braces. It costs about from £1800. Compared to the others, we can say that it is cost-effective. It is a very effective way of treating simple misalignment, but unlike the name, Six Month Smile does not give surety for complete treatment in six months. This is because there is no specific technology to make the teeth move faster for every condition than it does with other treatments.

Your dentist will only recommend the six months smile only when your case is a kind that can be treated within or less than six months.



The brackets are discreet

Though discreet, these brackets can easily fall off your teeth and lead to problems.

White or tooth-coloured wires

The coloured wires can fade or change while brushing

It is a fast method of treatment. Two to nine months is enough to complete a treatment

It is not faster than the other short term orthodontics. The average duration is six months; however, there are cases where the treatment lasts longer than six months and frustrate the patient.

It is cheap. This is the second cheapest treatment we offer

It is not suitable for every situation. People with complicated cases cannot use it

You do not need to meet an orthodontist

You may not be eligible for this treatment if your case is not simple enough

What does ShortTerm Orthodontics (STO) mean?

Short term orthodontics is the orthodontic care given by a regular dentist, instead of the orthodontist. The cases treated with this method are usually simple and straight forwards. Six Month Smile is a short term orthodontic and can be offered by a regular dentist. This means that you can obtain Six Month Smile even when you do not visit the orthodontist.

Also, the orthodontist may not offer you Six Month Smile because they can easily arrange a different package for you from their extensive experience and specialised skills.

What the manufacturers claim

According to the manufacturer of Six Month Smile, the brace is an “innovative system.” This, they say because of the reasons stated below:

  • Ability to complete treatment at an average period of six months
  • Quick and comfortable appointment because of the availability of the patient tray kits
  • The predictable and conservative results gotten from the use of the braces
  • The invisibility of the braces because of the clear Lucid-Lok brackets and wires whose colours match that of the teeth
  • Gentle forces and the short term orthodontic duration which allow comfort, safety and hygiene
  • The costs are lower than those of aligner therapy, traditional braces, and veneers

Our experts out of concern decided to look at the claims made by the manufacturer; they discovered that something was lacking. There is no mention of extraction, and this seems to be the significant concerns of orthodontics.

We have put together some of the thoughts from our experts concerning the claims:

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The six months average duration for treatment

The manufacturer claims that the average period of treatment is six months. This has misled many patients into thinking that this is the maximum duration. We have seen cases that lasted for just two months and those that went far down nine months, even ten.

The manufacturer got the six months duration from the average of the duration for treating every kind of suitable problem. As they said, it is the average; so, your case has a 50% chance of going past that. This is possible if your case is not so simple.

There is no difference in the rate of treatment with six months smiles and other methods of treatment. The rate of the movement of the teeth is not dependent on the type of braces and frequency at which they adjust. They can only be achieved when you set limited goals and offer the patients outcomes that are far from the best.

The manufacturer may boast of a six months treatment, but this is so because they made the braces suitable for only cases that can be corrected within six months. If these braces are used in complex cases, there will be no magic to make them move that fast.

At DIL Dental, you will receive a Six Month Smile and another short term orthodontics. These braces only concentrate on social six. Social six is the name dentists call the front teeth.

The invisibility: Lucid-Lok brackets are clear, and the wires are tooth-coloured

We can say that Six Month Smiles are less visible instead of using the term “barely visible” or “invisible.” The pictures on Google will tell you more.

Compared to the traditional metal braces, Six Month Smiles are less likely to be noticed in the mouth; however, we still have patients who choose the metal-in-mouth experience because of its efficiency in straightening the teeth.So, when agreeing to the “barely visible” tag, know what you define by that term and the amount of discretion you seek.

From our point of view, Invisalign clear aligners fit into the definition of “almost invisible or barely invisible braces” compared to the Six Month Smile. Lucid-Lok is a registered trademark. Nevertheless, it is a type of ceramic bracket which may be transparent or tooth coloured.

You can also obtain this from other short term orthodontics too. They are made from plastic and can be customised for you if you need. This will cost you a little more. These braces do not stick to the teeth of the wearer.

If you need complete invisibility, you can try the Inman aligner. It works with a transparent bar that will be placed on your front teeth and lingual brace for the back of the teeth. This way, the chances for spotting it out are slim. However, these lingual braces may not get into everybody’s hand because of the cost. They are made of gold, and the prices are high-hung.

The results from these braces have been conservative and predictable

Though our professionals disagree with this, however, we agree with the fact that braces are great. What we think they mean is that since it is fixed, it is better than the removable alternatives like Invisalign and the rest. The conservative part may mean that since the cases are simple and only last for six months, theirchances for suitable patients to need extraction is relatively low.

So, since the simple cases treated by 6MS can be fixed without extraction, the company should notbrag about being able to offer conservatory treatment for more severe cases than the other methods of treatment.

With the patient tray kits, the appointments are faster and more comfortable

Do you think the components of those kits are comfortable? No! There are tools the dentist will use to fix the braces on you. If you agree withus, visits to the dentist are not usually comfortable; the 6MS kits does not change that.There may be no severe need to take the patient tray kits home since the contents are mainly for professional use. However, the dentist may give you a few necessary items to take home.

Another concern about this is that the treatment is handled by a dentist who is less skilled and experienced in treating misalignment than orthodontists. So, you should have all your items in one safe place so that you will not have to deal with the dentist’s excuse.

Gentle force and better hygiene, the entire duration of the treatment is comfortable and safe

There are lesser chances of complications for simple issues that are treated with straightforward means. So, if your case is simple and straightforward, it may be safer to go for a treatment that can be completed within six to nine months. Just like conventional braces, you will have a great result when you use your 6MS correctly.

In the aspect of safety, there is a complication that may occur when patients use treatment options that pull the teeth with too much force. This complication is root resorption, and this is not healthy for the teeth.

Though this is true, we think that the manufacturer has no proof that the Six Month Smile is safer than other brace systems.

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They are not as expensive as the align therapy, traditional braces, or veneers

Compared to other brace systems, Six Month Smile is a lot cheaper. You can get one from £1,800. In our list of braces, this is the second cheapest option. Also, it is attached to the other short term orthodontics treatment Cfast.

The cost of Six Month Smilecompared to other braces

In the table below, we have shared comparisons of the process and other properties of Six Month Smile with other brace systems:

Braces systems + whitening


Duration (months)

Prices (for upper and lower)

Case difficulty
S=simple M=moderate D=difficult




From £2,500

Max £3,500

S, M


Discreet and removable


From £1,900

Max £4,650

S, M, D

Six-month smile

Discreet with tooth-coloured brackets


From £1,800

Max £3,250





From £1,800

Max £3,250


Delta force



From £2,000

Max £3,500

S, M

Conventional braces



From £1,500

Max £4,000

S, M, D




From £5,000

Max £8,000

S, M, D

Inman Aligner

No, but removable


From £1,299

(for one arch)


6MS is an effective and cost-effective way of treating simple cases. This is because the dentist will not have to do much work or spend much time on the patient.

Here is what our professionals say about Six Month Smile

6MS is a friendly brace system, but there is nothing that makes it more special than the other short term orthodontics. After all, the other short term orthodontic treatments work well too. We are not sure of innovations from the manufacturers; like the other STO treatments, the registeredtrademarks are usually highly broadcasted.

We believe it is safer to say that the claim of unique features by the 6MS is just another strategy for marketing for them to attract enough dentists and patients.

Who is eligible for Six Month Smile and short term orthodontics?

Many run to 6MS because of the information they have received by reading or through the adverts they have seen. With this, they bash in to align their front teeth forgetting that the back is crowded and crying for attention. Most times, patients like these do not listen to the dentist advice for different treatment options.

To still treat this kind of patients, the dentist may end up managing the condition of the patient according to the patient’s preference. Sometimes, they may even use a comprehensive product or recommend they go to an orthodontist.

Treating severe misalignment with 6MSor other short term orthodontic treatments does not usually end well. This causes frustration on the side of the patients and complaints that short term orthodontic treatments are not sufficient. This can be hurting to both the dentist and patients.

If you need a way to treat your condition within six months, allow the dentistto diagnose and give you his recommendations. With the right treatment option, some severe cases can be resolved in six months. But if you are looking for a perfect result, then 6MS is not right for you. However, if what you want is a subtle treatment that does not drain your pocket, you can go for 6MS or any other short term orthodontic treatment.

Can Six Month Smile work for me?

Though you may be able to predict if 6MS is for you, you will need a dentist to confirm that. The dentist will access your condition, diagnose it and see if 6MS can treat it. He will recommend the best option of treatment for you.

However, before choosing a dentist, ensure that he can satisfy your needs. Regular dentists can handle simple cases of misalignments with 6MS. The severe ones should be taken to an orthodontist.

Beware of dentists who claim that a system or two can handle every kind of problem. You will commonly find this idea with the regular dentist who can only use the six months smile. They may even end up saying that you are eligible for a system when it is wrong.

Save yourself the stress, visit a dental practice that has both dentists and orthodontists. They will offer you the best treatment and value for your money.

You can visit us for optimum care. We will access, diagnose and treat yourdental condition accordingly. Call us on 0203 7457526 to book an appointment.

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