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What You Can Expect During Your Dental Implant Surgery

What You Can Expect During Your Dental Implant Surgery
19 Dec 2023

If you have one or more missing teeth, it’s important to understand the benefits of dental implants, as well as what the procedure involves. Rest assured, it’s a highly common and straightforward procedure. Knowing what to expect can ease any anxiety you may feel prior to the surgical procedure of dental implants.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Protects healthy teeth from drifting into empty gum space
  • Restores bone structure to maintain face shape
  • No cavities (although you still need to brush and floss daily)
  • Corrects bite to chew food correctly
  • Natural-looking
  • Low maintenance

The Initial Consultation

You meet with your Implants dentist for a consultation for dental implants. A 3D scan, X-rays, and/or other investigative procedures may also be taken. The surgical procedure of dental implants is explained. Your dentist lets you know how long your procedure is likely to take.

The Surgical Procedure of Dental Implants

You will be given a local anesthetic, and possibly also a sedative to help you relax. Your dentist begins surgery to make a small hole in your jawbone. The implant will be placed in this hole. You may require several implants to be fitted in one longer appointment.

Your dentist may attach the artificial tooth/teeth on the same day. However, a three to six month healing period is usually needed. In the meantime, you will be fitted with a temporary crown, bridge, or complete or partial dentures.

Once the area has healed, your artificial tooth/teeth is placed on top of the implant. The teeth may be permanently fixed, or removable for easy cleaning.

Dental Implants Aftercare

Following surgery, you should stick to soft foods and avoiding placing pressure on your jaw. You may need to take over-the-counter medication to ease facial swelling.

You must also visit your Dental Implants London dentist regularly to monitor the success of the procedure, as well as your dental health. Your dentist will also explain how best to take care of the implant.

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